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Blog Schedule

First of all, thank you for your support on my first ever personal blog about anime related topics and sometimes personal ones. Each view and clicks from you matters to me. I hope you’ll continue to support me in my future posts. I’m a newbie and I’m still in the process of learning, your feedbacks will also be appreciated if you have any.

My previous blog scheduling will now be changed. I am currently walking through new paths in life where I need to dedicate more time and effort. With that in mind, I will dismiss the blog scheduling for every week and will be inactive on my social media accounts.

The posting now will be randomly updated with no assurance on how many blogs or on what days will they be posted.

I’m trying not to push myself too hard so I will not suffer slump and for me to also thoroughly enjoy this experience.

I hope you’ll be with me until the end. Thank you so much again!

Let us all enjoy things~

You could still check my Twitter account and my Facebook account.

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Going Out

Hiding in your home inside its four sides has been my life. Aside from attending school, sometimes hanging out with friends, and attending errands, if there’s no specific goal of going outside, I’d rather not do it.

Despite being a rare species on the outside world, whenever I go outside, I realize how my encounters broaden so much to the point I can’t comprehend how lady luck is siding with me.

Today, I went outside to buy some things and also as a change of pace.

Before I step foot outside, I was pretty confident that I will never encounter mishaps or issues while I’m outside.

As always though, I was wrong.

I’m not really good with crowds. It was clearly my fault for picking a day where most people are outside. The swarm of people made my head ache and my sight blurry. It was a mess and I hated it.

I already decided that I will eat in a food court for my lunch. While lining up, I encounter one problem once more.

I can’t reserve a seat with only myself. The nervousness mixed with my hunger, and I did not know what to do.

The old man on my front suddenly asked me to share a seat, and I politely accepted his offer. He might’ve noticed how I was shaking because I couldn’t handle my situation.

While sharing a seat with him, he started talking to me.

He told me he retired just recently from an agency that was really familiar with me. The old man was actually one of the bosses in my mom’s previous agency. I was surprised and elated while realizing how small the world is.

He then started giving me advice in my career while also connecting the people we know in common.

After finishing my lunch. I still remember how coincidences work on me on times I needed it the most.

I was glad I sat with that man even without knowing that we have something in common.

Encounters are really incredible. It shows how everyone is connected even without us noticing. Learning from those encounters, hearing lessons and advices from strangers, it was something I really appreciate.

When I got home, I had the realization that maybe I should really go outside often.

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What Anime Taught Us

Every story has its lesson, and that also applies to anime. With all the quirkiness, out of this world plots, and weird stories, most anime has this dedication to teach a lesson to its viewers. The lesson could be applied into our lives depending on our perception of it. Sometimes you don’t have to go extra mile to understand what it wants to teach you; the writers make it so we could easily catch it.

Encountering various anime has made me realize some of the general life lessons that most anime has in common. These lessons were heard not just in a single anime, and as repetitive as it gets, it we can’t still deny that it makes the story even more interesting and worthwhile.

Here are some of the anime lessons that you might have seen in the anime you have finished before:

1. Speak Out

Catering to its usual introvert audience, most series has shown the importance of speaking and connecting your thoughts to another. There are two ways that this lesson is visualize in stories.

The first way is to present another introvert character who have been struggling to speak their mind and express their feelings. Through this kind of setting, the introvert audience could easily identify themselves with the character in the story. There are instances where they speak against injustice, love interest, or even their own trauma.

The second way is to present an out-going character who openly talks about their issues and concerns about everything. Compared to the first way mentioned earlier, this time, an introvert audience may see them as an inspiration to challenge themselves in speaking out.

2. Make Friends

Interactions and getting to know other people may lead to character development and further progression of the story. Casting the story aside, we all know how there are tons of loner main characters in anime. They were usually designed this way, which is to again, connect with their audience even better.

This lesson is so visible that words tomodachi or nakama have been engraved in our minds. Often times, the main characters use the strength of friendship to fight the strongest antagonist. Some may find the power of friendship quite silly, but it sends us a message to be friendly and establish communication with the world outside.

Since I believe that most of us are introverts and loves to cage themselves in their comfort zones, building friendship could be a great change of pace and could even help us in some parts of our lives.

3. Persevere

Chanting their catch phrase and screaming at the top of their lungs, anime contains characters that doesn’t give up easily. Whether it’s finishing your left-over summer assignment, cooking for the first time, or even fighting the unbeatable boss—giving up has never been included in their vocabulary.

With bruises, shattered outfits, or overall unrecognizable appearance reminds us of those moments when we thought anime heroes are over. They went pass the limit of their ability yet, they will stand up again and held their head high while reminiscing their own inspiration to keep going.

Life gives us so many obstacles that one may thought of giving up. I had those moments that I feel defeated as well. Seeing the characters of one series persevere and continue despite the circumstances makes me feel elated and sometimes it gives me an extra push to persevere myself.

4. Live

Despite having different genre and themes, the lesson of living life has been obvious in various anime series. Fictional deaths could still cause a drastic emotional damage to the viewers and even the characters in the story themselves as shown in tragic series. Holding into one’s life is proven difficult despite living in the world of 2D. You might have also heard words like “ikiru” from your inspirational characters to emphasize the message of living.

Suicide has also been a topic in anime as Japan has an increasing suicide rate. They even depict the reasons behind someone’s death and deciding factor for them to take their lives. Discussing it might be to raise awareness on that sensitive matter.

Reality might be harsh, and sometimes we just want to reincarnate in another world like in isekai but, maybe one or another, we could find some reasons even the simplest one to keep on breathing.

Anime may be seen by some as weird or not worth the time, but they still tell stories that one could always find a meaning into. Lessons will always be there, but at the end of the day, it depends on us whether we really apply it in our real lives.

How about you? What are the lessons that anime has taught you?